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EMUGE-FRANKEN Tools are ready for Industry 4.0. From now on the digital twin created for a wide variety of our catalogue-tools can be downloaded directly from our homepage.

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machining of a motor block of grey cast iron 25

Hydraulic Expansion Clamping Technology in Perfection

The market demand for increasingly higher precision, speed and efficiency in machining and controlling rotationally symmetric components has not satisfactorily been resolved by standard systems. The existing productivity and precision of machines and tools is not entirely exploited.

This weakness in the machining chain is remedied by hydraulic expansion clamping devices. 

Hydraulic Expansion Clamping Technology PDF Download

Speedsynchro Modular

Tap holder with transmission gear replaces tapping attachments

Emuge´s Speedsynchro makes it possible to run machine spindles in a non‐critical energy saving rpm range during thread production.

More informations to Speedsynchro® Modular at

Punch Tap - the new thread technology

Punch Tap - die neue Gewindetechnologie

We present the new threading technology Punch Tap as well as developments in our product range of thread cutting- ,milling- and clamping technology. It is also well worthwhile taking a look online.

Punch Tap - the new thread technology

Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502

From now, the download of our statement regarding "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" is available in an own content box in the startpage of our homepage.

PDF Download

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Für den Ausbildungsbeginn September 2020 bitten wir um Bewerbung mit den entsprechenden Zeugnissen.

Die Ausbildungsplätze 2019 sind sowohl für den kaufmännischen Bereich als auch für den gewerblich-technischen Bereich besetzt.