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System SG

With the SG clamping System, a split clamping bush with special buttress threads is screwed onto the main body. By introducing an axial force, the clamping bush moves in the direction of the force. This causes the clamping bush to expand radially, due to the angle of the threads. The workpiece is clamped.

The transferable torque and the clamping rigidity are increased by the axial force components being applied to the workpiece. Even workpieces being machined with a large chip cross section can be safely clamped!



System set-up


Possible runout

4 µm

Max. expansion regarding clamping-Ø

IT 13

Clamping range workpiece outer-Ø

6-300 mm

Clamping range workpiece inner-Ø

12-300 mm

Safety function against overstressing


Internal Clamping


External Clamping

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