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Application Example

A manufacturer of serial parts is milling components of 1.4301 / 1.4305 stainless steel. Due to the customer´s lack of practical experience with this material the FRANKEN engineering department was asked to suggest a process-reliable and economical tool layout.


DMC 1035V eco


SK 40 / n = max. 8000 U/min


Siemens SLIMline


TiNox milling cutter 2659TZ.016020

Cutting data:

vc = 80 m/min, fz = 0,032 mm / 0,064 mm,
ap = max. 14 mm, ae = max. 8 mm

The roughing operation previously done with an indexable milling cutter supplied by a competitor resulted in a very noisy and rough machining. When switching tools to our TINox NF cutter a smooth and machine-protecting machining operation was obtained. Additionally the indexable milling cutter had a tool life of only two shifts, then the inserts had to be replaced. It was therefore possible to cover the entire requirement with only one tool.

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