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Application Example

A specialist company for Formula 1 components is required to mill chassis wings made of M50 with a hardness of 65 HRC. On one side the contour has to be profile milled and on the other side the wings have to be separated.

Prerequsites for the Milling Trial:


Hermle C30U


HDH iTNC 530


HSK-A63 shrink-fit chuck

Max. Rev:

18.000 rpm

The machining is very unstable. The chassis wings are 1,5 mm high with an intermediate space of approx. 4,5 mm. Up to now a competitor’s  4 mm torus end-mill was used for profile finishing.

Previous Ctting Data:

Cutting data:

vc = 69 m/min – fz = 0,036 mm – ap = 0,1mm –
ae up to 4 mm

Cycle time:

32,5 minutes

Tool life:

3 components

Cutting Data with FRANKEN Milling Cutter:


Lateral edge trimming und full slot milling


FRANKEN milling cutter 1987A.004

Cutting data:

vc = 30 m/min – fz = 0,008 mm – ap = 7,5 mm
(2 x 1,5 mm wings and intermediary space 4,5 mm),
ae up to 4 mm

Cycle time:

3,5 minutes

Tool life:

10 components

The machining costs for 180 components could be reduced from 10.693,- Euro to 3.068,- Euro.

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