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MULTI-HPC-HSC Milling Tools

MULTI-HPC-HSC Fräswerkzeuge

High-performance tools for highest economic efficiency
FRANKEN, as a manufacturer of highly innovative HSS, solid carbide and insert milling tools, is prepared to meet the future demands of new machine and machining technologies. The prime target in this development is always the best advantage of our customers.
The product family MULTI-Jet-Cut line is the latest state of the art, and unites highest economic efficiency with a high degree of process safety.
The tool families HPC-Jet-Cut line and HSC-Jet-Cut line are subject to continuous improvement and optimization.

The MULTI-Jet-Cut line was designed for large-volume machining in a high variety of steel materials, all non-ferrous heavy metals, titanium and stainless materials. Its special geometry permits the combination of highest process safety with extra high machining volumes.
With the latest version with internal coolant-lubricant supply, the MULTI-Jet-Cut IKZ, available in a diameter range from 3 to 20 mm, FRANKEN treads entirely new paths. Good chip evacuation is no longer a problem with the MULTI-Jet-Cut IKZ.
The MULTI-Jet-Cut line exists in 3 different dimensional versions and is available in a diameter range from 1 to 20 mm.

The Multi-Jet-Cut with ball-nose also opens up new possibilities in 2.5D and 3D machining. This tool permits not only the production of dies and molds, but also line-by-line strategies.

The Multi-Jet-Cut IKZ with corner radius represents an alternative to the Multi-Jet-Cut IKZ. The corner radius serves for the production of radii for minimizing crack formation in mechanically stressed components on one hand, on the other hand it stabilizes and protects the cutting edge corner against chipping.

The HPC-Jet-Cut line has established itself firmly in the market already. Due to this success, the product properties could be further optimized and ascertained. With the HPC-Jet-Cut line, highly efficient machining in the form of roughing and finishing in one work process has become possible in almost all materials! Three different geometries are available in a diameter range from 3 to 20 mm.

With the HSC-Jet-Cut line, FRANKEN is now the only precision tool manufacturer to offer a comprehensive stock programme of milling cutters for HSC finish milling. With multiple effective cutting edges – up to 8 cutting edges on ball-nose and torus cutters and up to 16 on end mills – the dynamics of the machine tool can be put to the best use for achieving a high machining volume. The application range starts with construction steels and reaches up to hardened steels with 66 HRC and more. This proves not only the high flexibility of the HSC-Jet-Cut line, but also its economic efficiency. The end mills, ball-nose cutters and torus cutters from this line are available in a diameter range from 3 to 16 mm.

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